Education at Electrical Engineering

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Phd course with Erik Ström

The department of Electrical Engineering offers education on many different levels. We are involved in several Bachelor's programmes, and responsible for the master's programmes Biomedical engineering, Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility, Information and communication technology, and Systems, control and mechatronics. You can also take the doctoral programme which offers a broad range of courses. 

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Bachelor's studies

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the best-known and highest-rated universities in Sweden. We offer around 30 bachelor’s programmes, and each year thousands of the best students from around the country begin their studies here. With a full range of programmes in engineering, science, shipping and architecture.

Master's programmes

​The department hosts four international master's programmes. The teaching is in English, and both Swedish and international students are encouraged to apply.

Biomedical engineering, MSc 2 yrs

With a growing need for improvement in the quality of life, and global average life expectancy rapidly rising, there is an increasing demand for efficient healthcare systems. Combining the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological science, biomedical engineering improves healthcare delivery and medical practice by closing the gap between engineering and medicine. Together with advancements within IT, a new world of possibilities in how health care can be improved and delivered is evolving.

Information and communication technology, MSc 2 yrs

We live in the age of information, where communication and information processing are at the heart of our modern society. Intelligent transportation systems, smart cities, traffic safety, positioning and navigation, eHealth, Industry 4.0, and cloud services, all rely on our ability to store, share, process, and deliver massive amounts of data. In a constantly and rapidly evolving field, you as a communication engineer will be needed to rethink, design, and build the systems of the future to enable the interconnected world.

Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility​, MSc 2 yrs​

The global use of electricity and electronics is continuously increasing, and in the coming decades, electric vehicles in combination with renewable electricity production will change our energy systems. The paradigm shift in the development of vehicles will affect how and when electricity is produced, transmitted, distributed, and consumed, and all these challenges need to be met. The recent advancements in information and communication technology also offer new opportunities in e.g. the design and operation of electric power systems. These are some of the areas where engineers and experts within the field of electric power engineering are needed.

Systems, control and mechatronics, MSc 2 yrs

Technical systems increasingly employ electronics and computers, to give the final product or system the desired properties. Driving factors are, for example, functional and quality demands, energy utilisation, environmental demands, or cost reductions. The wide range of industrial needs, from small embedded devices to large control systems for transportation, production or electric power distribution, is the primary motivation for this programme.

Doctoral programmes

The different divisions at the department handle recruitment for doctoral studentships and the Deputy head of the department decides on admission into the Doctoral programme.

A PhD student is normally employed by the department for five years. Therefore, an open graduate student position must be available at the time of applying for graduate studies. Open graduate student positions are announced at under "Vacancies".

We also consider industrial graduate students for studies with us. Such a student is typically employed in industry or at a non-academic research lab.

Electrical Engineering offers two graduate schools

  • Graduate school in Electrical Engineering
  • Graduate school in Signals and Systems

For more information, visit graduate schools.