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Mechatronics is a synthesis of electronics, computer engineering and mechanics. The methodology arises in the borderland between the above disciplines, together with control and measurement technology. Typical applications can be found in, for example, vehicle technology (cars, trains, aircraft), as well as in other types of embedded systems. The use of models is also of central importance here, for example to simulate the complex dynamic processes that take place in the structures.

Expertise from several disciplines

Nowadays, skills in several traditional engineering disciplines are necessary to design a technical system or a product. Mechanical hardware together with control algorithms incorporated into the system by means of built-in processors present new, interesting possibilities but also challenges. The engineer needs to master all these disciplines. At the same time the products can be more flexible and adaptable, since some of its properties are put into the software, which more easily can be modified.

Applications within the automotive and workshop industry

Simulation and modelling are key components in all our projects. By using computer simulations more possibilities can be investigated than if real prototypes are built. The validity of simulation results and techniques for simulation and modelling are also key questions that are being considered. Our projects concern the automotive industry and the engineering industry in general.