Best Teacher Award

In 2012, the department established an award for teachers, as a commendation for considerable educational achievements. The award is given every second year. Below are the previous awardees.

2022 Knut Åkesson

Award justification: Knut has for many years been leading the master program in "Systems, Control and Mechatronics" in an excellent way. Since the start, Knut has continually worked with development of the program to a modern content, he has developed new types of labs, and lifted the master theses of the program to a new academic level. The result has been that the program is among the most popular master programs at Chalmers.

2020 Yuriy Serdyuk

Award justification: Yuriy Serdyuk has for many years worked with improving the quality of the courses with a clear student focus. He educates with high accuracy and commitment, and has adapted excellently to digital education.

2018 Lennart Svensson

Award justification: Lennart provides innovation to his courses, and his flipped-classroom teaching methodology has developed and strengthened the technique and put E2 on the Chalmers map as perhaps the most forward department in the area of teaching. Together with his genuine care for the students and his excellent way of delivering the course, he is a worthy winner of the E2 Best Teacher Award.

2016 Bill Karlström

Award justification: Bill Karlström has for many years been the main instructor in the two core courses “Circuit analysis” and “Electronics” in the Electrical Engineering program and has consistently received unparalleled and extraordinary appreciation from the students in course evaluations. Based on long experience and extensive skills in engineering subjects Bill presents complex lecture material in a joyful way so that it is both understandable and increases the interest for the subject. Bill shows a humble attitude and great respect for students which combined with his deep personal engagement and support creates a unique study climate. 

2014 Fredrik Brännström

Award justification: Fredrik Brännström has been the main instructor for the Introduction to Communication Engineering (ICE) course for four years, and recently also in the Wireless networks course. His success as an instructor is clearly seen in the very high grades received in the course evaluations. His structured lectures and detailed attention to course content and examination has made the courses he is involved in among the most attractive courses of S2 and Chalmers. Further, he is dedicated and helpful in keeping the Communication Engineering master program at a high level.

2012 Morgan Osbeck

Award justification: Morgan Osbeck has worked with the “högskoleingenjörsprogram” since the start in 1989. During the entire time, he has been a highly appreciated teacher and has always received high praise from students. Further, he has during his years at Lindholmen worked hard with building an automation lab that is currently used for several project-oriented courses. He has been responsible for the mechatronics programme, has written course literature, and developed courses, all with the highest quality.