Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility, MSc

120 credits
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The global consumption of electricity and electronic devices is constantly increasing and the way electricity is produced, transmitted, distributed, and consumed is undergoing a fundamental change. The growth of electric vehicles and renewable energy production in the coming decades will only further this development.

In this master’s programme, you will gain deep technical competence and a sustainable mindset, preparing you for a dynamic and rewarding career in the electric power engineering industry. You will learn to design the electric power systems of the future with sustainability as a key focus, including wind and solar power or smart grids.

Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility, master's programme​ at Chalmers

The global use of electricity and electronics is continuously increasing, and in the coming decades, electric vehicles in combination with renewable electricity production will change our energy systems fundamentally. The paradigm shift in development will also affect how and when electricity is produced, transmitted, distributed, and consumed.

The master’s programme in Sustainable electric power engineering at Chalmers is for everyone who is interested to face these challenges and work towards a career in the power engineering industry, the utility industry and other related areas. The recent advancements in information and communication technology also offer new opportunities for example the design and operation of electric power systems.

In this programme, you will learn to combine sustainable thinking with deep technical competence. You will gain practical experience through laboratory exercises in form of experiments in combination with computer exercises, so-called simulations. You will also get in close contact with the Swedish industry through guest lectures, study visits and opportunities to carry out your master’s thesis work with a company. 

Visiting the wind lab for one of my classes was the most unforgettable practical session I had in my life

Smita, IndiaStudent
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Topics covered

The subjects of electric power systems, electric drives, high voltage and power electronics System Transmission, Electric power distribution, Electric drives, High Voltage and Electric Machines are fundamental areas in the Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility programme.

The courses handle topics such as wind power, solar power, electric vehicles, smart grids, renewables, ancillary service, demand-side management, demand response, li-ion batteries, battery management systems, electromagnetic fields, power electronics, HVDC and FACTS.


The Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility master’s programme at Chalmers will lead to professional roles such as Designer of electric systems, researcher, developer, power system analyst, tester, project manager and technical specialist within the introduction of renewables in the power system or other areas related to electric power engineering.

Many of the programme’s courses and master’s thesis project areas provide a strong link to research activities within the Electric Power Engineering division at Chalmers. Besides moving on as PhD-students, graduates from the programme can be found at companies such as ABB, Volvo cars, Volvo AB, Scania, Hägglunds, Bombardier, Svenska Kraftnät, Göteborg Energi, Ellevio, E-On, Nexans, NKT Vattenfall incl. Ringhals and Forsmark, Ericsson, AFRY, ALTEN, ALTRAN, SWECO, Aros electronics, research institutes like RISE and Chalmers and other top technical universities.


The master's programme is closely connected to the graduate school in electrical engineering, and research at the Department of electrical engineering at Chalmers. Students who have completed the programme are thus expected to form a strong pool for recruitment to the above-mentioned doctoral programme.

The electric power engineering division also has a well-established link to the power industries in Sweden such as Vattenfall, Volvo AB, Volvo Cars, ABB, RISE Svenska kraftnät, Ellevio, E-on and Göteborg energi. In the past few years, cooperation with the car, telecom and wind power industries has increased through several master’s theses and research projects.

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