Resources and collaboration

One of our main tasks is to disseminate research and methodology to society, businesses and organisations. Through close interaction with society, we build the conditions for sustainable development, both locally and globally.

Collaboration with industry, organizations and the public sector permeates the majority of our business. Many research projects are conducted in close collaboration with external partners, our adjunct professors and doctoral candidates strengthens the long-term collaboration and many of our students' theses are carried out together with companies. We also offer professional training through Chalmers Professional Education.

Chalmers also has a scheme of innovation that helps researchers find opportunities in their own research, transforming ideas into business, and handle patents and other intellectual property rights.

Our collaboration with industry is clearly demonstrated in our research centers, both in the four centers hosted by the department, and through active participation in other research centers where our efforts can make a difference.

The department is actively involved in several of Chalmers' Areas of Advance, and participates in the development and implementation of national research efforts.

Through our efforts, research findings are disseminated, and we create good conditions for utilization and development of applications in various contexts where these contribute to the sustainable development of industry and society.

How can you collaborate with us?

At the Department of Electrical Engineering, we constantly seek new opportunities for collaboration with trade and industry but also with other researchers, nationally and internationally. Through a research partnership, you and your organization get access to expertise and knowledge in the field of research that is relevant to your needs.

A collaboration with us can be, for example:

  • Give students an opportunity to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis related to your business'
  • Collaboration in research projects
  • To participate as lecturer
  • To offer internships for newly graduated students