CHAIR is a community and a collaboration space for researchers with a shared interest in AI. We provide a space to collaborate and tools to take the research to the next level. We do this through workshops, events, and communication. The aim is to increase collaborations where AI has a fundamental part and to increase the excellence of the Chalmers’ AI-research.

CHAIR’s work is established on three pillars, or tracks: AI Foundations, AI for Science and AI Applications. All research supported by CHAIR is to be found within at least one of these tracks. 

To narrow it down and get a sharp focal point of the activities, the centre applies periodical research initiatives, called themes. The themes are initiated and managed by researchers that aim to further increase the capacity within a specific topic, both within the university and through international collaboration.

The Chalmers Foundation co-finance the centre together with Chalmers and industry partners.

Chalmers AI Research Centre is hosted by Chalmers ICT Area of Advance.

For Chalmers researchers; read more about how to apply for creating a theme under Research tracks/themes.