CHAIR research

To foster an excellent AI research environment, CHAIR has a program for addressing key challenges by year-long thematic programmes. These themes are led by Chalmers researchers, creating leverage through increased collaboration and focused activities.

Current themes

AI and Robotics for Health and Rehabilitation

AI and machine learning (ML) have tremendous potential for improving the healthcare system by standardizing care across health providers while personalizing it to individual patients.

AI for Scientific Data Analysis

This theme is about utilizing the power of AI as a tool for scientific research. AI can be applied to, and potentially speed up, discovery and utilization in a variety of research disciplines, such as microscopy, physics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy.

Interpretable AI

Interpretable AI is an emerging field, focused on developing AI systems that are transparent and understandable to humans.

Structured learning

This theme focuses on how to make use of structure in data to build machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems which are safer, more trustworthy and generalize better. Structure includes the relationship between data, in time and space, and how the predictions change when data is transformed in specific ways, for example rotated or scaled. These topics are abstract and general but have a direct impact on the use of AI and ML in the sciences and in applications such as drugs and materials design, or medical imaging.

Theme events

To see previous theme events, click on "Show more calendar posts" below the list of upcoming events. Then use the "Show filter" button and filter the calendar by date. You can see earlier events since the beginning of 2023.

CHAIR research tracks

The research themes are all hosted by one of CHAIR´s three research tracksAI Foundations, AI for Science and AI Applications.