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Thematic collaboration

The thematic collaborations started in 2021 to create synergies and, at the same time, become a gathered force in a number of essential areas. In the theme initiatives, researchers in interdisciplinary groups collaborate towards a common goal linked to each theme. 

The researchers come from different disciplines and have deep knowledge in various subjects. A collaboration theme can be gathered within a profile* or span several profiles depending on the target image and driving forces. As a result, we expect to strengthen Chalmers' excellence in research and education, provide the conditions to establish innovative and challenge-driven research and provide better opportunities for collaboration with business and society, nationally and internationally.​

* Profiles: Scalable and robust manufacturing processes, Digital product and process development, Digitalized production systems and Production in a circular economy​

  • AdditiveManufacturing@Chalmers
  • DataDrivenProduction@Chalmers
  • MedTechAutomation@Chalmers
  • CircularProduction@Chalmers
  • IndustrialResilience@Chalmers
  • ProductionforSpace@Chalmers​


Description of the theme projects


Industrial resilience is the way to make industrial systems sustainable and robust against risks, disruptions, and disturbances. This emerging research hotspot engages all four profiles of the Production AoA. Currently, two PhD students, Arpita Chari and Gabriella Gatenholm, together with Professor Árni Halldórsson (TME) and Professor Johan Stahre (IMS), are publishing in the area and building a research base to fund further research. 

Theme leaders: Johan Stahre & Árni Halldórsson


Automation and production within the MedTech area are of increasing interest and the number of different applications is constantly increasing. The focus is on finding challenging and interesting areas where several of our research fields coincide in order to develop and create flexible, efficient and individualized solutions. 

Theme leader: Petter Falkman, theme leader


The theme focuses on the use of AI-based decision-making in development, planning, management and maintenance in production. The aim is to achieve higher levels of predictive and prescriptive decision support, enabling increased sustainability and competitiveness. The theme is partly linked to the Tracks course “Data-driven product realization” to ensure upscaling of research initiatives with multidisciplinary student teams.

Theme leader: Anders Skoogh


The theme focuses on sustainable development, focusing on enhancing the circularity of products and materials and responding to excessive use of non-renewable materials and the loss of valuable materials in the industrial system. We build on a unique combination of research and teaching expertise at Chalmers that works with various system levels of circular production, ranging from policy and value chains through production systems and -processes to materials and people.

Theme leaders: Árni Halldórsson


The theme focuses on options within additive manufacturing connected to generic solutions that can be applied for different material groups (polymers, metal, ceramics, biomaterials, etc) where novel functional properties are of interest. A typical scope is precision in all kinds of dimensions: precision with respect to fine-scale geometry; precision in terms of controlled formulation of blends/mixtures: precision for multifunctionality, etc.
Theme leaders:  Lars Nyborg and Anette Larsson


Theme leaders: Elvire De Beck and Massimo Panarotto

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