Product Development

Within the profile Product Development the research is focused on methods and tools for platform based development of products which are sustainable and robust throughout the complete product life cycle. A major focus is on modeling, simulation and optimization, combined with support for decision making. One challenge is in how development of increasingly complex and personalized products can benefit from the rapidly increasing availability of data throughout the lifecycle.​

Profile leader
Prof Rikard Söderberg
+46-31-772 86 17

Active research fields

Active fields are addressing​ current issues and are therefore adjusted over time. These are the present active fields within Product Development:

Systems Engineering & Product Platforms

The research within this active field addresses the need to develop, test and implement new methods, tools and processes for managing platform based products and their associated IT systems throughout their lifecycle. The overall aim of the research is to achieve sustainable “product lifecycle platforms”, containing reusable sustainable technologies and methodologies as well as sustainable product and manufacturing system solutions, all together enabling realization of sustainable products by means of efficient and effective resource utilization.
Prof Ola Isaksson, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 82 02


Design of Assembly, Disassembly and Remanufacturing

An important activity within product and process development is to optimize assembly and disassembly strategies. The assembly strategy affects ergonomics, geometrical quality, feasibility and cycle time. The active field will contribute with a generic method base supporting design for sustainable assembly and disassembly. The active field links ergonomics, geometrical quality, path planning, and automation with design methods in a unique and holistic way.
Dr Kristina Wärmefjord, e-mail:, phone: 031-772 58 27


    Robust Design and Variation Simulation 

    The overall aim is to create a framework for virtual robust design (RD) that supports ecological and economical sustainability; a framework addressing principles, practices as and techniques. The main focus is how RD principles and practices can be used and developed to support sustainable industrial product development.
    Ass. Prof Ida Gremyr, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 81 82
    Prof Rikard Söderberg, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 86 17
    PhD Johan S Carlsson, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 42 89


      Perceived Product Quality

      Customer perception of product quality is a key factor to create successful products. Perceived Quality (PQ) represents all aspects that creates a feeling of good quality of a product. The producer’s ability to predict engineering execution that form a base for high PQ is related to both simulation and interpretation. The area PQ contribute to develop new methods and tools to predict PQ, discrepancy between virtual evaluations and physical evaluations and customer relations. The overall aim is to support academia and industry with a framework for virtual evaluation of PQ in all phases of development process.
      PhD Casper Wickman, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-325 66 55
      Prof Rikard Söderberg, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 86 17
      Prof Mikael Rigdahl, e-mail:, phone: +46-31-772 13 09

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