pivture of a group of people in a Zoom meeting
Review meeting over Zoom for the Manuela team. Chalmers was represented by Lars Nyborg, Eduard Hryha and Terpsithea Ketegeni​.​​

​Successful review for additive manufacturing project MANUELA

​After 18 months of work, the European Commission recently concluded the first review meeting with the Manuela team. The feedback was very positive, and the project is on track.

The project Manuela (Additive Manufacturing using Metal Pilot Line) comprises 20 partners across Europe with the aim to realize a pan-European pilot line for metal additive manufacturing (AM). The scope includes a digital dashboard for the full manufacturing chain as well as the development of processing, and application of hardware demonstrated for a number of user cases from different sectors. 
"The review meeting demonstrated that the commitment from the whole consortium, and achievements in new digital solutions, new materials, optimized processing, concepts for automation as well as development of design for advanced applications. As the co-ordinator, I am really impressed by the achievements and I look forward with great confidence for the coming work towards the final goal of one-stop facility for metal additive manufacturing across Europe", says project coordinator Lars Nyborg.
The completed pilot line will be validated through industrial case studies, covering a wide span of applications for automotive, aerospace, energy and medical industry.​

Useful handbook
One of the project’s main deliverables is a project handbook. It will be one of the keys for liaison with future customers. The first version is available for download and will be updated regularly, following the developments within the project. 
The handbook gives crucial information about the services offered from the pilot line, Unique Selling Points and the benefits it will bring to its customers. 

  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing) in metal enables the manufacturing of advanced prototypes and functional components with, among other things, increased freedom of design and shortened lead times.
  • Manuela is a four-year Horizon2020 project (2018-2022) and one of the largest projects in additive manufacturing in Europe with a budget of SEK 175 million.
  • The pilot line will be based on two powder bed-based technologies for AM: Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM).
  • Manuela consists of a consortium of industrial end users and suppliers (materials / powders, AM hardware, quality monitoring systems, software, automation and post treatment) as well as top research institutes with a focus on metal printing via powder beds.​

Page manager Published: Mon 02 Nov 2020.