satellite in space

​​Photo: Videoblocks

Initiative seminar – Production in space

How to manufacture for space? Can you manufacture products on Mars? And how does Chalmers contribute to space technology and research? These are some of the questions we will focus on within the theme: Production in Space.

Sweden is a prominent space nation, much thanks to our space industry, which is largely located in Western Sweden. Chalmers is an important partner with a large variety of space research in numerous disciplines, not least production.

The interest for space has evolved the recent years. Initiatives like mass production of satelllites, has challenged the area of production and manufacturing, space travels and exploring Mars is other drivers for technologies such as additive manufacturing.

Welcome to an afternoon with many interesting guests and topics!

Preliminary agenda

WHERE: Online seminar
WHENMay 4th, 2021, afternoon session
  • Research about the space – background, challenges & initiatives
  • Production for space – examples of investments in space technology and technologies, innovation etc
  • Production in space – how & what can be produced in space? What are the difficulties? 
  • Research in space – experiments in weightlessness, impact on health etc.

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