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Take off for space seminar

​​The space is imaginative. Is it also noticeable in the corridors of Chalmers? What's going on behind the scenes when it comes to space research?

After being in the starting pits for over a year, it is finally time to conduct the seminar Production in Space. Speakers at the half-day seminar, are both Chalmers own and invited researchers, industry, the Swedish National Space Agency and Nasa. We asked the host of the initiative seminar, Lars Nyborg, director of Chalmers Production Area of Advance, about his expectations:

What do you hope for?
"I hope that this seminar will show how challenges connected to space applications can provide inspiration on to how realize solutions connected to demanding conditions – which in turn can provide spin-off in other fields as well."

Why is production in space important?
"As said, any solution connected to space applications would need to be built on sustainability as well as high-tech solutions, and hence this also means that production in space can be viewed as a general game changer for future."

How can Chalmers contribute to future challenges in space?
"Chalmers has number of strong research groups in space-related research and by bridging across the university, from basic to applied research, we can make a difference."

Additive manufacturing is often mentioned in connection to space. Why? And what are the challenges?
"Additive manufacturing is identified as a way to manufacture on demand which most probably would be viable way to have a sustainable way of providing repair, parts, etc., in space applications. 
One challenge is of course the conditions, such as microgravity and vacuum. I look forward to listening to both Larry Toups and Robert Mueller, both involved in In-Situ Resource Utilisation at Nasa." 

Happy International Star Wars Day and May the fourth be with you!

On May 4th 2021, the seminar starts at 13:00 and is possible to follow over livestream at Chalmers Youtube channel. It will be recorded and available after the seminar.

Page manager Published: Tue 25 May 2021.