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Round table discussions, “Young Women in Manufacturing". ​Photo: Clarissa González.

Report from World Manufacturing Forum 2021

​Three Young Manufacturing Leaders (YML), from Gothenburg CityHub and Chalmers, took part in the yearly event, this time in Italy. The conference focussed on Circular Economy and Digital Technologies.
The World Manufacturing Forum is a yearly event that promotes the engagement of industrial partners and enables sharing of the latest manufacturing trends within a global community. In this prestigious event policymakers, industry leaders and academics, and researchers address and discuss the challenges and many opportunities for the future of manufacturing.

This year, the WMF took place during the 20th and 21st of October, where guests were hosted both online and face-to-face in the wonderful location of Villa Erba, Cernobbio. This edition focused on Circular Economy and Digital Technologies, merging the discussions around these two very relevant research and industrial trends and exploring their crucial role in achieving environmental sustainability. This was done by presenting a decalogue of recommendations for industry to promote a more circular economy using digitalization, such as developing and training the workforce and empowering SMEs, among many others.

The World Manufacturing Foundation, the organizer of the World Manufacturing Forum, is also one of the project partners of the Young Manufacturing Leaders (YML) initiative, an international network for young students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with interest and passion for innovative and sustainable manufacturing. 
Chalmers, as one of the six international partners, had the pleasure of joining live the WMF. Greta BraunClarissa González, and Martyna Krajewski  (in the picture from left) represented the YML Gothenburg CityHub. The main event of YML included keynotes and round tables, one of them about Young Women in Manufacturing, where Greta Braun discussed how to balance the number of women within innovation, entrepreneurship, science, and technology. A key takeaway was that this issue does not correspond only to women but rather a discussion that everyone should participate in.  

This year’s WMF provided not only a highly relevant report and fantastic discussions, but it also brought back the value of face-to-face discussions and networking, giving hope and a vision of how our world will adapt to a new normal in a safe and conscious manner. Next year’s edition titled “Disruptive Business Models in Service-Oriented Manufacturing” promises one more insightful edition of this always successful event.

Text: Clarissa González

 Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman of the WMF presenting the first recommendation of this year’s report.​

Uncovering the focus for the next edition of WMF 2022.

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