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Apply for planning grants

The Production Area of Advance (AoA) management introduced the planning grants last year and will continue the distribution during 2021. The purpose is to give better opportunities to prepare for major research projects, or establish collaborations with other/various research disciplines, practice and users on international level. The grant is intended as support for creating larger projects that require additional efforts in preparation and not intended for normal project applications for national funding.

The planning grant within Production AoA is maximum SEK 50.000/project. 

Application dates

The application will be open throughout 2021 with 3 cut-offs.: 31 March, 30 June and 30 September 2021. Send your application to Lars Nyborg with cc to Michael Eriksson (see below).


Max 1 page including:
  • Motivation how the intended project if would contribute to the overall vision, mission and challenges of Production AoA
  • Tentative consortium
  • Call identifier (Vinnova, Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe, EIT Manufacturing, Formas, VR, Swedish Energy Agency)
  • Any co-ordinated more prominent project initiation with IKEA would be eligible
  • Any initiation of international co-operation that can be sustainable (note how long-term funding can be secured should be indicated)
  • Budget (travel, meetings, etc.



Page manager Published: Wed 12 Jan 2022.