Highlights from 2019

Two new large EU-projects and a strategic partnership with Ikea. Some of the news from 2019, but there is much more to be highlighted. Lars Nyborg, director of Chalmers Production Area of Advance, looks back and comments the past year.
It is with great pleasure I summarize and share some highlights from 2019 (see more pictures below).
Firstly, we are proud to be representing Chalmers by hosting two new EU-projects and a strategic partnership with Ikea:

Successful year of EU funding

Gothenburg was chosen to be one of the five nodes within the new European network for innovation and education in future manufacturing industries, EIT Manufacturing. It will create a powerful innovation environments, advanced education and massive education efforts. EIT provides opportunities to boost education and innovation on top of your on-going national or international research. 

The involvement and success in attracting large grants from e.g. Horizon 2020 is evident, e.g. like Manuela (Additive Manufacturing Using Metal Pilot Line)It is the largest on-going project on powder bed fusion in Europe, where Chalmers is entrusted with the project management. The project will lead to a new European test bed for researchers and companies to test product value chain in additive manufacturing, from start to end.

Ikea new strategic partner
In January, Chalmes and Ikea signed the agreement of strategic co-operation agreement. IKEA is member of Wingquist Laboratory and the new Vinnova competence centre Fib:Re will include co-operation with IKEA. As co-operation is developed it is expected that there will a number of additional initiatives where Chalmers and IKEA will find joint interest and Production Area of Advance has included this option in its seed funding scheme for new applications during 2020. 

Circular Economy in focus

The Production Area of Advance keeps on contributing to Sustainable Production. The implementation of circular economy solutions is an important part of such effort and hence as Production Area of Advance was the organizer of Chalmers Sustainability Day in 2019​ it was a natural choice to focus this day on Circular Economy. The day started with master class lectures covering from external lecture on behaviors in a circular and resource efficient economy to an inspirational and interactive game on sustainability from in the morning and selection of topic-oriented workshops during the afternoon.

Activities in related core research centers

Production Area of Advance puts special emphasis on six core research centres at Chalmers. The Vinnova funded Centre for Additive Manufacture – Metal, CAM2, hosted the conference Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2019​ during in September. 
The Wingquist Laboratory was a core contributor to the initiative seminar on Digital Twins and Intelligent Processes in March, where the scope was also extended across the fields of both production and process engineering with speakers in a truly cross-disciplinary effort. 

The MCR (Centre for Metal Cutting Research), CPE (Centre for Chemical Process Engineering) and Swedish Life Cycle Centre are three other centres that strongly contribute to our research and innovation agenda. We also welcome the Competence Centre for Recycling​, now being hosted by Production instead of Materials Science. 

Royal brilliance over Hannover Fair

The Stena Industry Innovation Laboratory is successfully developed further into a hub for industrial digitalization and will have a chance to play an important part in the future digitalization initiatives in Europe. They were much involved in the Hannover Fair, introducing Prince Carl Philip to virtual welding, among other things.

Production Area of Advance interfaces strategically with Area of Advance Material Science in a number of areas: additive manufacturing, bio-based materials and 2D-materials. As can be seen, this has been quite fruitful as all these three topics are now represented by Vinnova excellence centres at Chalmers from 2020! 
The review above represents just some examples from 2019 and the list can be extended even further. I am looking forward to 2020 with great curiosity and expectations, where we aim to further develop international co-operations. And, don't forget to book the May 4th initiative seminar on “Production in Space”!

May the fourth be with you!!

Lars Nyborg
Production AoA, Chalmers

Some of the researchers involved in Chalmers Production Area of Advance. 


The EIT Manufacturing Interim Management Team at the inauguration at the Paris-Saclay Headquarters, Nov 2019. To the far right: Johan Stahre, Director of Innovation, EIT Manufacturing, CLC Gothenburg. Photo: EIT Manufacturing web

In December the MANUELA consortium met in Gothenburg and set the plan for its next period. The project is on the right track to meet its objectives and provide the European industry with a comprehensive one-stop-shop for 3D metal printing. Photo: MANUELA web

vp bengtsson shakes hand vid Ikea manager

Stefan Bengtsson, Chalmers President and CEO and Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President of Ikea Range and Supply, confirms the new strategic co-operation. Photo: Carina Schultz

Researcher Jonatan Berglund introducing Prince Carl Philip to virtual welding at the Hannover Fair. Photo: Business Sweden

The Chalmers Sustainability Day 2019, hosted by Production Area of Advance, started with a speech from Eva Ahlner, Senior Advisor, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Eva is  representing Sweden as the national focal point in the implementation of sub-goal 12.1 in Agenda 2030, an open UN global partnership, One Planet Network, for sustainable consumption of production. She applied some behavioral insights and tools in the design and implementation of policy instruments towards a circular economy.   Photo: Marcus Folino

man on stage

The Chalmers Sustainability Day 2019: Árni Halldórsson, Professor in Supply Chain Management, Department of Technology Management and Economics, spoke about "Service-based value chains for increased circularity". Photo: Marcus Folino

Woman ion stage

The Chalmers Sustainability Day 2019: Maria Ljunggren Söderman, Department of Technology Management and Economics disussed What circular economy measures fit what kind of products so that environmental impacts can be reduced. She also stressed the fact that there are many definitions of circular economy and displayed one of the (at least) 114 explainations she found. Photo: Marcus Folino

people on a stage 

The Chalmers Sustainability Day 2019: After a full morning with theories, it was time for some hands-on! Björn Johansson and Mélanie Despeisse, from Department of Industrial and Materials Science challenge the audience with a quiz that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses in some of our most fundamental parts of sustainability. Photo: Marcus Folino

The Chalmers Sustainability Day 2019: Lars Nyborg, Director, Production Area of Advance, hands over the traditional relay baton – a leek – to next organiser, the Transport Area of Advance and Co-director Kajsa Hulthén. Photo: Marcus Folino​

The Chalmers Sustainability Day​ 2019: Professor Britt-Marie Steenari, Dr Burcak Ebin and Martina Petranikova, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, was responsible for one of the afternoon sessions "E-waste and recycling of batteries – modern materials demand innovative methods for recycling​". Photo: Carina Schultz

man talking on stage

Professor Rikard Söderberg presenting at the initiative seminar  "The mind of the machine – digital twins and processing intelligence" in March 2019. Professor Söderberg (also Director for Wingquist Laboratory) also hosted the morning session "Digital twins in manufacturing industry". The day was held in cooperation with Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), celebrating 100 years. Photo: Carina Schultz

The afternoon focussed on "Simulation as a tool for chemical engineering". Anette Larsson, co-director Production Area of Advance, was moderating this part, here together with one of the keynotes, Andrzej Górak,​ professor with focus on Reactive and Non-reactive Distillation, TU Dortmund. Photo: Carina Schultz

The Centre for Additive Manufacture, CAM2 hosted the Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2019 (AAMS2019) on 18-20 September 2019. It is a serie of Europe-wide Additive Manufacturing workshops and symposiums which began at the Max-Planck Institute in 2016 and covers powder based metal additive manufacturing technologies. Photo: CAM2

group of people
The EIT Raw Materials members met at Chalmers several times during the year. The group Chalmers Rock Processing Research is part in the work: Marcus Johansson (1), Panagiota Papadopoulou (3), Erik Hulthén (4), Katarina Öquist, Business Development Manager, CLC North, Luleå (5) and Magnus Evertsson (6). Photo: Carina Schultz


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