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Kickoff for ICED21 – with focus on design in motion

In August 2021, Chalmers University of Technology will host the world's largest scientific conference in product development, the 2021 International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED21). Ola Isaksson is conference chairman and organizer and he is in the middle of the hectic work of final preparations for the kickoff in August.​
portrait of Ola IsakssonSorry to interrupt, but we are curious to hear about the upcoming conference. The theme is Design in motion. Could you explain the idea behind it?
"Yes, there are several meanings behind. We live in an era of global challenges and a state where technological achievements never seems to surprise us. We need skilled, knowledgeable designers who can enforce the transformation needed in industry. Engineering Design as a profession combine science and experience, and we see that design is definitely an important factor for enabling the movement."
"The design research community is also in motion, adapting to new phenomena, addressing new types of problems and generates new knowledge."
"Of course, design in motion can also be associated to the type of manufacturing business in our region – such as automotive and associated products, bearings and so forth. So the theme 'Design in Motion' is open for interpretation and welcomes the quest for new knowledge!"

The pandemic forced you to make some changes in the arrangement – what happens now? 
"The pandemic situation prevent a traditional, physically co-located event. Hybrid implies a mix, where some delegates are on site and some on line. All essential parts of the conference will be possible to follow on line, yet we seek to combine some activities with the on site delegates. We still cannot to 100% know for the conditions in August, why we focus on producing an event with the possibilities of an online conference with the presence of an  on site conference. It is indeed a bit of an experiment, so I am confident that we will learn a lot."

The programme – any highlights? 
"We have close to 340 papers to be presented, 18 workshops and a “market place” where 20+ research teams exhibit and demonstrate their research in a more free form than by a traditional paper presentation. I much look forward to the entire conference. Maybe is the last day (Friday 20th Aug) my favorite part, where we address the role of engineering (research, education and practice) in a society and industry in motion.

What about the keynotes?
"We have splendid mix of interesting key notes. Just to metion a few, we have Professor Katherine Richardson, University of Copenhagen, who will talk about 'Human-induced climate change reduction through design' and from Politecnico di Torino, Professor Marco Cantamessa​, presenting how to 'Shaping the future through Design'. We also have interesting keynotes from both Volvo AB and Volvo Cars."
"And of course, our own 'Elon Musk'– Anders Forslund, ​who started as a student at Chalmers and now is building Swedens first electric airplane factory, Heart Aresospace."

How many will participate?
"We anticipate around 500 delegates and the registration is still open. This year, it is possible to register for a single day too (workshops). There area round 50 nationalities represented with a bias to Europe, but also Americans and Asians. We look forward also to an event encouraging African members to enagage in the community."

How many on site in Gothenburg?
"This is still not known. It may be as little as 50 attendees on site. We share the venue with mass vaccination and student reception, so despite positive signals in society, we need to be safe and careful. The Public Health Agency of Sweden (FHM) rules, Chalmers policy and coordination with other actors will define the final number. It is clear that most delegates will participate on line."

Is it still possible to join? And what is the last day to register?
"Yes, the registration is still open and will be until 6th of August. In collaboration with the Production Area of Advance at Chalmers, we can offer a limited number of scholarships for Graduate students who want to attend the ICED conference and become DS members for 2 years. See more below. And welcome in August!"

Picture with text The conference theme is “Design in motion” and the key challenges is: Sustainable Design and the Circular Economy, Design for Health and Wellbeing, Design for Societal Transformation and Design in the Data Driven Economy.

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