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​It’s soon time for the Chalmers Sustainability Day and the focus will be on Circular Economy. Project leader Anton Grammatikas ensures that the UN's global goals 9, 11 and 12 for sustainable development are well represented in the program. Photo: Carina Schultz​​


Chalmers Sustainability Day: Minimised waste and maximum use

The 8th of November, it's time for this year's edition of Chalmers Sustainability Day. The theme Circular Economy is a common word within sustainability but what does it really mean? We asked Anton Grammatikas and Lars Nyborg, responsible for this year's event, to brief us.
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Hello Anton Grammatikas, project manager for Chalmers Sustainability Day. Tell us a bit about the arrangement!
"We will start the day with a master class session, where some of Chalmers' own researchers, leading in their respective fields, give lectures about their research linked to the theme of circular economics. We want to give a broad perspective on the concept, ranging from business models, materials, product development to future civil society. The first talk of the day will be held by an invited speaker who can give a broad understanding and background to the theme."

Circular economy - how would you describe it?
"Oh, there are many descriptions of it. To me it is about being able to dare to change from linear to circular business models. To achieve true sustainability, we not only need to change our technical conditions, but also the ways we consume. Everything has to be linked, from business value for those who produce and deliver products and services, to the actual customer benefit."

What do you hope Chalmers Sustainability Day will bring?
"I want more people to be inspired and take circular economics into account in their research, in a wider sense than today. Chalmers vision to make the future more sustainable is reinforced by paying attention to all research internally. I hope this will create awareness of ongoing activities, so that synergies are found in various research areas."

Is it still time to propose something for the programme?
"We have closed the agenda for the master class session but there are still a few slots open in the afternoon progamme. If you have a suggestion – talk to us! We hope for a greater participation of researchers and teachers this year. A possibility that not so many have reacted to is the poster exhibition. We would like to see more proposals here!"

The collaboration with the Student Sustainability Week Act! Sustainable is new this year! How will they contribute? 
"Above all, they can contribute with their perspective. The students have high demands on Chalmers as a university to work more with sustainability internally, but they also push to steer their education towards the circular perspective. We hope many students will show up and be able to take part in research and be inspired to make their own circular choices in the future."

Picture of Lars Nyborg, director of Production Area of Advance

This year's theme is broad and embraces much of the research within the Areas of Advance, says Lars Nyborg, Director for Production Area of Advance and the organizer 2019 for Sustainability Day. Photo: Carina Schultz​

Hello Lars Nyborg, Director for the Production Area of Advance and responsible for this year's sustainability day at Chalmers. Why the choice of circular economy as a theme?
- We chose to focus on circular economics, as it is a theme that unites many of Chalmers Areas of Advance. The solutions of the future lie in how we implement circularity in society and here we have an opportunity to discuss it thoroughly. The theme can work both for big issues and in the small perspective as an individual citizen. We believe the theme can inspire and provide new knowledge for everyone - students, researchers and other staff at Chalmers.

 What does circular economy mean to you?
- It's a quite difficult concept and theme. There is not only one answer, but many. I would like to compare the concept of circular economy to an umbrella, under which several different contexts and definitions can be gathered.

What do you hope visitors will bring home from the event? 
- I hope for increased commitment and an understanding of what circular economics is. I also wish for a broadened understanding that a sustainable future is a matter of creating solutions. I would also be interesting if the discussions include a questioning attitude regarding suggested solutions. A sharper dialogue and debate are important for showing a sustainable way forward. Here, Chalmers can really contribute.

Picture of the logos of sustainable goals 9, 11 and 12

Chalmers Sustainability Day takes place on 8 November at the Chalmers Conference center. Campus Johanneberg. The event is primarily for Chalmers employees and students.
This year's theme is circular economy and Production Area of Advance organizes this year's event.
The Sustainability Day is being commissioned by Chalmers management through Anna Dubois, Vice President of Chalmers Areas of Advance.

This year, we cooperate with the Gothenburg students' sustainability week, Act! Sustainable, which runs from November 4-9, where Friday, November 8, is the Chalmers students Day.


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