Equipment and furnishing

Technical equipment

  • Cinema screen full HD, size 5 x 2,8 m
  • Dual projectors with resolution 1920x1080 (HD) for stereoscopic 3D display
  • Two speaker positions in stage area fully connected to cinema screen
  • Connect to cinema screen using any of HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort/VGA
  • High resolution desktop visualizer
  • WIFI, wireless network Eduroam and Chalmers NOMAD
  • Wireless touchscreen control panel for seamless light, sound and video control
  • 2 stationary motion picture cameras (for video conferences, recording and live broadcasting)
  • 4 wireless microphones, choose from 2 handheld and 4 headsets
  • 8 high quality speakers providing a distinct sound experience
  • Hearing loop
  • Available software includes (but not limited to):
    • Media Players for all major video formats, including 3D/stereoscopy
    • AutoDesk ShowCase
    • Pointtools

Furnishing equipment

  • 110 fixed seats and 40 extra chairs (up to 150 people are allowed in the room simultaneously)
  • 12 stand tables
  •  6 roller tables (oak)
  •  4 folding tables (white laminate)
  •  6 barriers for separating floor areas
  •  Sign holders for indoor and outdoor use
  •  1 mobile whiteboard

N.B. We do not provide laser pointers

Kitchen equipment

  • Two large refrigerators
  • Kitchen sink
N.B. The kitchen does not have any pottery, cutlery, coffee machine, dish washer or freezer. For any kind of activities including food, we recommend full service catering.

Published: Wed 16 May 2012. Modified: Thu 12 Sep 2013