a satellite in space with text in picture saying Production in Space May the 4th 2021

Initiative seminar 2021 – Production in Space

We address this year's initiative seminar to space and production.

The curiosity to find life on other planets has been a strong driver of space research. It has, besides giving us an understanding of other solar systems and stars, led to many innovations that we use in our everyday life.  Mobile apps for health and safer weather forecasts are some examples of products, originated from the lunar journeys. Space research has also contributed to better data, helping climate scientists to detect and understand large-scale environmental changes.

Sweden is a prominent space nation, much thanks to the space industry, which is largely located in Western Sweden. Chalmers is an important partner, with a breadth of space research in various disciplines, not least production where, for example, additive manufacturing is improved and adapted for space applications.

How to manufacture for space? Why is research in and for space interesting? Can you manufacture products on Mars? And how does Chalmers contribute to space technology and research? These are some of the questions we will focus on within the theme Production in Space.


Welcome to a brain tickling afternoon on the International Star Wars Day and May the fourth be with you!​​

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Feb 2021.