Learn about production

Our responsibility towards future generations is to provide world-class education in sustainable production to create a solid ground where creativity and new innovations spires. We support this by presenting a broad range of master’s and doctoral programmes together with regional, national as well as international graduate schools.

Within the area of Production, Chalmers has programmes in four broad fields:

  • mechanical
  • automation & mechatronics
  • industrial & product design engineering
  • industrial engineering & management.

Production related bachelor and master programmes attract about 2 200 full-time students at Chalmers! The MSc Eng programmes in Industrial Design Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management are among the very most selective of all Swedish university programmes. The MSc Eng programme in Automation & Mechatronics engineering as well as the BSc Eng programme in Mechanical Engineering have recently been redesigned to meet raised student requirements.

Student experiments. Photo: Carina Schultz

Studying production related topics is not all about robots, there are many different aspects of production that perhaps does not come to mind in the first place. Here is a list of programmes that shows the width of our area of interest:

BSC ENG (HING) Programmes:

MSC ENG (CIV ING) Programmes:
MASTER Programmes:



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Published: Fri 13 Jan 2012. Modified: Thu 23 Jun 2016