Two women and a man, sitting together preparing to talk into a recorder
​Ilaria Barletta (left) hosts the DigiTalk Pod where guests from industry and academia talks about digitalisation in the production area, from different points of view. Here together with Daniel Nåfors and Maja Bärring, PhD students at the division of Production Systems. Photo: Carina Schultz​​​​​​​

DigiTalk - a podcast about digitalisation in production

​The DigiTalk podcast is about digitalisation and how it is going to change the way we produce and use things. The host, Ilaria Barletta and her guests will look at digitalisation, not as the end goal, but as a mean to achieve meaningful goals for the industry: competitiveness, effectiveness and sustainability.​
In particular, focus is to talk about how the research in the area of product and production development is developing solutions within the digitalisation umbrella to solve specific problems in production: prioritising maintenance interventions, optimise the energy consumption in production, connecting information throughout the supply chain, among others.
- We are also going to learn how these solutions are applied in R&D environments and what Chalmers University is doing in this regard, says Ilaria Barletta, and continues:
- If you are an engineering student, an innovation-driven manager, an entrepreneur or a life-long learner and wonder about the role of digitalisation in the manufacturing industry, then you are in the right place.  

This podcast is produced by the Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers University of Technology.

Host: Ilaria Giovanna Barletta​, PhD Student at the Division of Production Systems. Her research research deals with methodologies for sustainability assessments​ of production systems. 
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You are most welcome to send us feedback and questions to us by email: digitalkpod.ims@chalmers.seYou can also follow us on Facebook. The pod is available on Spotify, Acast, iTunes and other pod providers and below.


Page manager Published: Thu 01 Apr 2021.