Portrait Mélanie Despeisse

2. Sustainable Manufacturing

Guest: Assistant Professor Mélanie Despeisse

“Manufacturing needs to be efficient but also respect the planetary boundaries”.

In this episode, Assistant Professor Mélanie Despeisse takes us to a journey starting from the quintessence of manufacturing – using valuable resources to produce value for society – to sustainable manufacturing and related concepts: eco-efficiency vs eco-effectiveness, and circular economy, just to name a few.  Mélanie also tells us her journey as world-citizen researcher starting in UK, Belgium, Japan and then Sweden. Mélanie continues the chat with examples of digitalization applied for mass customization, additive manufacturing and digitalization opportunities for SMEs. Mélanie concludes the chat with her experience in designing games for teaching sustainable leadership.

Podcast Episode 2​

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  • Mélanie Despeisse​, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Manufacturing at the Department of Industrial and ​Materials Science in Chalmers 

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