Popular science exhibition in shopping centre Nordstan
​Popular science exhibition in Gothenburg's shopping centre Nordstan​​
​ Photo: Per Thorén

Communicating materials science to the general public

We put a lot of effort in communicating materials science research at Chalmers to the public. Some examples are listed below:

A popular science exhibition highlighting research at Chalmers was built for the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race, with Gothenburg as the final destination. The exhibition included the building of eight spectacular optimist dinghies in different materials, from polyethylene to graphene. A blog from the Volvo Ocean Race project (in Swedish) is available. 

Through the initiative Chalmers Sports & Technology​, many of our researchers interact with society in both research projects and public seminars. At our seminars athletes, coaches and enterprise meet with researchers to identify challenges where technology can help improve performance and safety for athletes in several sports including sailing, cycling, skiing, swimming and equestrianism.

We make popular science videos that are published on our YouTube channel. The videos target a broad audience and can be useful both to school children and adults.

We are also actively involved in the annual Gothenburg Science Festival​, where we have organized a number of activities over the years, including an augmented reality game taking place at the Chalmers campus, a sports technology activity for school children and a popular science exhibition about materials science. The exhibition has been displayed several times to the general public in Nordstan, Gothenburg's main shopping centre, as well as to school classes at Chalmers. Several of our researchers have given public lectures about their research during the Science Festival.

In 2015, we launched a photo contest, open to all staff and students at Chalmers and the Department of Biomaterials at University of Gothenburg. The idea is to present materials science research in a popular science way, through photo and text, and photos from the competition have been used on our homepage, at conferences that we organize and on the cover of brochures. The contest has been held twice more, in 2018 and 2019. Many of the submitted photos will be displayed to the public during the Gothenburg Science Festival 2020, in an exhibition in Nordstan.

Page manager Published: Tue 11 Aug 2020.