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Profile Areas

The Materials Science Area of Advance covers a broad perspective and takes on the global challenges within energy, health, energy, construction and transport from a materials perspective. We have three profiles areas, where multi-disciplinary research is carried out spanning from natural science to engineering, and from materials theory to processing. 

Materials for Energy Applications​

Access to renewable and secure energy is key for a world-wide sustainable society. Our activities cover everything from fundamental research in solar energy conversion to energy storage in batteries and energy transport.

Sustainable Materials

A sustainable society requires the use of sustainable resources and efficient use and recycling of materials. We focus on renewable raw materials, lightweight materials and prolonged usage and re-use.​

​Materials for Health

A growing and aging population presents new requirements in both preventive care and health care. Our focus areas include material-tissue interactions, drug delivery, bioanalytical applications and infection related materials.

​Research within these profiles is supported by high quality infrastructures and resources, including Theory and Modelling and Experimental Methods​​, which focus on the development of new methodology and research infrastructure forming a base for the thematic research. ​

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