Tandem Seminar Global meeting

Watch the webinar Materials for Solar Energy

Watch the webinar Materials for Solar Energy
​Thank all of you who participated in the tandem webinar, 26 March.
​Watch the webinar on Chalmers Play: Tandem Webinar – Materials for Solar Energy​
In this webinar we have two presentations dedicated to materials for solar energy conversion, specifically how we can manipulate the solar spectrum to make better use of it, will be covered. 
  • Moderator: Professor Paul Erhart Condensed Matter and Materials Theory, Department of Physics, Chalmers.
  • Science Developing solid-state photon upconverters based on sensitized triplet–triplet annihilation, Angelo Munguzzi, Associate Professor - Università Degli Studi Milano Bicocca - Materials Science Department.​
  • Toward solid state singlet fission: Insights from studies of Diphenylisobenzofuran−Semiconductors and Pentacene-decorated gels, Maria Abrahamsson, Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology​.

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