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Watch the webinar – High Entropy Alloys, Opportunities and Challenges

Watch the webinar – High Entropy Alloys, Opportunities and Challenges.
In this webinar, 17 September, 2021, we had two presentations dedicated to high entropy alloys, or compositionally complex alloys. We will covered the research frontier topic in the metallic materials community from two complementary aspects, one from experimental aspect focusing more on alloy development and structural/functional properties, and one from theoretical aspect addressing to functionality by design.
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  • Moderator: Professor Leif Asp, Co-Director Area of Advance Materials Science
  • Alloyed pleasure: high entropy alloys, Professor Sheng Guo, Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers. 
  • Quantum-mechanics maps high entropy alloys, Professor Levente Vitos, Computational Material Design and head of Applied Materials Physics group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering KTH.

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