New management for Area of Advance - Materials Science. To the left new director Maria Abrahamsson and to the right new co-director Leif Asp.
​Photo: Mats Hulander

New management for the Area of Advance - Materials Science

Maria Abrahamsson and Leif Asp are appointed new directors for the Area of Advance - Materials Science, succeeding the former Director Aleksandar Matic at the mandate period turnover.
Maria Abrahamsson is assuming the position as Director for the Area of Advance - Materials Science. Growing up in the small town of Flerohopp in rural Sweden, Maria developed an early interest for environmental issues and after initial studies in geology, she eventually found her passion in chemistry. She pursued her doctorate studies at Uppsala University, engaging in the development of artificial photosynthesis, and later continued in the field as a post doc at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

This year, Maria is celebrating 10 years at Chalmers where she has a position as an Associate professor at the department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering since 2015. Her research focuses on conversion of solar energy for fuel production as well as production of electricity. Maria was previously the Vice director of the Area of Advance - Materials Science at Chalmers.

–Today’s society faces some big challenges. Globally, as well as locally. The most obvious ones are of course climate changes, environmental issues and a growing elderly population, but to tackle these challenges it is important that everyone have access to environmentally sound products and materials. We want people to naturally turn to Chalmers when looking for the best education and scientists in the area of material science, says Maria.

Leif Asp is succeeding Maria Abrahamsson as Vice director for the Area of Advance - Materials Science. Leif has a background as a civil engineer from Luleå Technical University where he also earned his doctorate degree in polymeric construction materials. He has valuable experience from working in several industries and is the founder of SICOMP (now RISE SICOMP) and was appointed their chief scientist in 2011. Leif also has extensive collaboration with scientists and industry through his engagement in LIGHTer Academy, a platform for development of lightweight solutions for the industry.

Since 2015 Leif is a professor at the Department of Industrial and Material Science where his research focuses on modelling and construction of lightweight composite materials.

–Through the Area of Advance, Chalmers has a unique tool to coordinate and execute interdisciplinary research across our whole University and can tackle bigger questions than any individual research group or even department can manage. We therefore have a huge potential to develop new materials, methods and technologies to provide solutions to many societal needs, Leif says.

During the coming year the duo aim to increase international collaborations and deepen the exchange with existing ones, but also to find new ways of engaging students in materials science, and discussions of a summer research school is ongoing.

–We also want to meet all researchers in the Area of Advance - Materials Science to get an updated view and to learn about all the exciting research performed throughout the Area of Advance!

Page manager Published: Thu 31 Jan 2019.