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Materials for Tomorrow 2021

The topic of the 2021 Materials for Tomorrow is "Additive Manufacturing – From academic challenges to industrial practice", and the event will take place online on Nov 17 with several internationally recognised speakers. 

This years seminar is devoted to the broad diversity of additive manufacturing, across materials and applications.

The lectures cover the additive manufacturing of metals that are printed by laser or electron beam (e.g. for implants and aircraft components), the printing of tissue from bio inks, as well as the printing of thermoplastic polymers.​

The Initiative Seminar will be fully online and free of charge. It will be the livestreamed on YouTube.

​About Materials for Tomorrow

Materials for Tomorrow is an annual conference - started in 2010 - covering research, education and innovation in materials science. It is one of Chalmers' Initiative Seminars, and is a crucial meeting place for people representing research, innovation and society. ​

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