Collaboration with Rise to accelerate utilization

Stronger competence through collaboration and knowledge transfer, increased competitiveness and acceleration of utilization, from research to societal value. This is the focus of collaboration between Chalmers and Rise.

Chalmers University of Technology and research institute RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, entered into a so-called strategic partnership in 2019. The core of the partnership is collaboration at all levels: from highest management level to the individual researcher, which provides opportunities as well as strategic relevance.

Chalmers and RISE had a lot of collaboration even before 2019, among other things through common infrastructures, demo environments and labs. But individually, the parties also have expensive equipment, such as very advanced microscopes, and the partnership makes it easier to collaborate on equipment and thereby save resources. The collaboration also opens up for researcher mobility; employees get the possibility to work in each other’s environments, where they will be given an increased understanding and exchange knowledge and ideas.
Increased globalization has made competitiveness increasingly important also at the international level.

Collaboration can increase competitiveness of both parties. Chalmers stands for excellence in research, while RISE to a greater extent hold the industrial contacts. This makes it possible to speed up pace for research to move from research results to products or services in society.

Initially, the strategic partnership has focused on initiatives linked to production, nanotechnology and materials science. But the parties also have a joint interest in areas such as transport, health, information and communication technology, energy, and civil engineering.

Chalmers and RISE also collaborate in processes when applying for research funding. Together, the parties are stronger and can therefore attract funds for joint projects. One goal of the collaboration is to increase the number of scientific publications.

Although the emphasis is on research and innovation, collaboration in education is also ongoing. The parties mainly focus on offering Chalmers’ students thesis projects, or other projects, at RISE, and thus get increased exchange with industry. This sparks new development of knowledge, and for the students it will result in established contacts of value as they graduate. The collaboration between Chalmers and RISE may also lead to more practical, applied elements in undergraduate education.

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Jun 2021.