Imagine Chemistry

​Chalmers is one of the partners in Imagine Chemistry, the AkzoNobel challenge for chemical startup and scale-up firms and researchers. The challenge is open for entries until March 10.
The final will take place at Chalmers May 30-June 1. At the end of the three-day event, the Imagine Chemistry jury will select winners for the 2018 Challenge. Winners will receive dedicated support from AkzoNobel and partners to realize their ideas. 

2018 Challenge Areas

Do you have the solutions to some of the most urgent challenges facing the chemicals industry today?

Zero-footprint surfactant platforms

Imagine…a fully sustainable surfactants industry

Revolutionizing chlorate production

Imagine… a technological breakthrough enabling bright white paper for future generations

Intelligent chemical plants

Imagine… safer, more sustainable, more productive chemical plants

Sustainable liquid to powder technologies

Imagine… turning liquids into powders in a more efficient and sustainable way

Sustainable small particle technologies

Imagine… using small particle technologies to build a more sustainable world

Wastewater-free chemical sites

Imagine… a waste-free chemicals industry 

Published: Tue 23 Jan 2018. Modified: Mon 29 Jan 2018