Reactions at the electrochemical interface of water oxidation electrocatalysts for renewable energy systems

​Dr. Mikaela Görlin will give her research presentation for Assistant Professor within the Materials Science Area of Advance. Welcome!​​​
Mikaela Görlin
WHO: Mikaela Görlin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
​WHEN: 7 June, 08:30–09:20
WHERE: PJ, seminar room, Kemigården 1, Fysik Origo, Chalmers Campus Johanneberg

The need of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions motivates the development of cost-competitive renewable energy solutions. The oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is a key step for producing energy carriers such as hydrogen via electrochemical water splitting, which is important for making existing technologies such as fuel cells carbon-free, as well as for metal-air batteries and for electroreduction reactions into hydrocarbons and ammonia. 
To enable these reactions, more efficient electrocatalysts for OER will be needed. Transition metal oxides show promising catalytic activities in alkaline electrolyte, however, the mechanism is still not fully understood despite elaborative work. Here, operando X-ray and other spectroscopic techniques are used to demonstrate the interplay at the electrochemical interface and deriving information of important intermediates in these materials. Important aspects of catalyst design are discussed in parallel with materials for aqueous electrochemical charge storage devices, which are both important for the development of future renewable energy systems.

Contact: Maria Abrahamsson​, Director, Materials Science Area of Advance. 
Leif Asp​, Co-Director, Materials Science Area of Advance. 
Category Seminar
Location: PJ, seminar room, Kemigården 1, Fysik Origo
Starts: 07 June, 2022, 08:30
Ends: 07 June, 2022, 09:20

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