Towards a Biosustainable Future

The research within our profile focuses on the development of future sustainable systems for production, usage and conversion of renewable biomass, facilitating a conversion from a fossil based society to a biobased economy. Although much attention is being paid to this area in many countries, Chalmers plays a key role at both the national and international levels. Within the profile, technologies and systems for highly efficient conversion of biomass feedstock to electricity, transportation fuels, heat, materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food are developed. Research is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with three of the goals being particularly well addressed; ensuring access to reliable energy, sustainable use of forestry resources and sustainable use of marine resources.

Our research is interdisciplinary, and the profile within Life Science Engineering is collaborating with the Chalmers Energy and Materials Science Areas of Advance, as well as it is coordinated with the two West Sweden regional research clusters for Green Chemistry and Biobased Products and The marine environment and the maritime sector. Our Energy Technology research encompasses areas such as gasification, combustion, carbon capture, chemical and biochemical conversion, process technology and integration, etc. Systems analysis research at Chalmers relates to the whole chain from production of feedstock to quantification of climate impact, policy issues and recycling.

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Nov 2016.