New project for researchers to learn about utilization

​What kind of support is there for researchers who want to establish contact with the business community? How do you approach utilization and possible applications? The new project Researchers2Utilization answers these questions. Interested in joining?

​– In order to succeed in their research, the researcher must take the utilization aspect into account. And to understand utilization, the researcher needs to discuss with people outside the scientific community to get new input.
These are the words of Björn Sjöholm, project manager for Researchers2Utilization. For many years, he has been helping researchers and industry to network. He is also in charge of the Mentors2Research program, where researchers is paired together with senior mentors in leading business positions.

The new project Researchers2Utilization is funded by the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance, and targeted at researchers interested in understanding the available organizations for advice and support – within and outside Chalmers. Six-eight researchers will be included in a group that will visit Chalmers Ventures, Chalmers Innovation Office, the Västra Götaland Region, Business Region Göteborg, Valea, Connect Network and the Chamber of Commerce Network. Each meeting will take two hours, followed by one hour to summarize.
– We’ll start with a simple interview: What is the purpose for you to be in this project? We will make an individual plan for each joining researcher. Then we will run our meetings for three months in the fall and it all ends with a workshop, Björn Sjöholm explains.
– It’s important to understand which kind of support can be obtained from different actors, both within Chalmers and in Gothenburg, when you want to improve utilization.
Everyone loves Chalmers, Björn Sjöholm says, but scientists need a better confidence in meeting with the "outside".
– They don’t understand how excellent they are! It’s all just about learning the rules of the game.

To participate in Researchers2Utilization this fall, you need to send your application as soon as possible; the primary plan is to be able to conduct interviews with the candidates already at the end of May. The project is aimed primarily at Assistant and Associate professors, but experienced Post Docs may also apply. Candidates have to be within the range of the Area of Advance, with research suitable for conversion to utilization or interested to learn more about how the research may be supported along the way. You do not need to speak Swedish in order to participate.
Applications may be sent by e-mail directly to the Director of the Area of Advance Ivan Mijakovic,, and should include answers to the following questions:

1. Why are you interested to participate in the program?
2. What are your expectations concerning this program?
3. What is your research today (briefly)?
4. What are your current thoughts about the utilization potential of your research?
5. What have you been researching before your current research?
6. Where are you based today?
7. What earlier experience do you have of utilizing research?
8. What is your background, education? Earlier employment?
9. What category are you in (post-doc, Asst. Professor, Associate Professor, Professor?
10. How did you get to know about Utilization2Researcher?
11. What is your contact information? Email? Phone? Visiting address?

Text: Mia Malmstedt

Page manager Published: Tue 13 Dec 2016.