Chalmers meets Sahlgrenska

​Network, connect and collaborate. At the life science workshop for young faculty the technical perspective of Chalmers meets Sahlgrenska Academy’s medical outlook. Sign up now!
​Five quick questions to Marta Bally, Assistant professor, new profile leader for the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance and responsible for organizing the workshop for young faculty members at Chalmers and Sahlgrenska Academy on October 11.
Why are you doing this – what’s the aim of the workshop?
– The idea is to bring people from Chalmers and Sahlgrenska together, to increase the network and the connection, and hopefully also inspire new collaborations. We at Chalmers are working with the technique in the field of life science, but it is important for us to meet the doctors that are actually using our techniques. Only so can we identify their needs and understand the true challenges in the field. And also, it’s important for them to meet us, to see what we are able to do. We are neighbours and should take every opportunity to network, to see what we have in common.

Tell us more about the workshop. What will happen?
– First, at 13.00, we will have a presentation from someone who will talk about his/her experiences of translational research and the benefits it gives. After this, we will speed-date: everyone from Chalmers will be talking to everyone at Sahlgrenska for about five minutes. The participants will also send in a short summary of their work, and this will be distributed to everyone before the workshop. To follow up, we will have a poster exhibition where everyone can bring a poster and tell more about their work, techniques and methods. People will mingle and talk some more. And at the end, there’s a dinner for those who want to stay.

Who would you like to attend?
– We are inviting young PI:s and advanced postdocs in the area of life science, and hopefully we will have 40 people altogether – 20 from Chalmers and 20 from Sahlgrenska.

Is this the first workshop connecting young researchers at Chalmers and Sahlgrenska?
– This is the first one for me, but I know that the Area of Advance has arranged such workshops in the past. Personally, I have some connections as I am already working together with people at Sahlgrenska. Nevertheless, I hope to meet new people! I’m in touch with the young researcher network at Sahlgrenska called Future Faculty, they think this is an excellent idea and are looking forward to it. I would like to see this as a recurring event.

Do you also want to encourage collaborations within Chalmers?
– In general, yes of course. But that is not the aim for this specific workshop. I really want to mix people from Chalmers and Sahlgrenska – that’s the whole idea. And I think that the Areas of Advance at Chalmers already are really good at connecting people from different parts of Chalmers through different types of activities.

Are you a young faculty member and want to participate in the workshop at Sahlgrenska on October 11? Click here to register, last day to register is September 5!

Text: Mia Malmstedt, photo: Mathias Elmeskog

Page manager Published: Fri 19 Aug 2016.