ERC lunch for young researchers

Robert BermanAs part of the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance (LSE AoA) Young Faculty network and support activity, the ERC Starting Grant holders Robert Berman and Joakim Andreasson were invited to talk about their experiences from applying for this prestigeous grant. The audience consisted of researchers from the LSE AoA postdoc and young faculty networks.

Robert and Joakim talked about how to structure the application, what to include, what the evaluators look for, the interview, what support you can get when writing and preparing, and much more. Coming from different fields, they had slightly different experiences.  For example does the evaluation board in Mathematical Sciences consist of only mathematicians, while for other areas it has evaluators from many areas, which results in different ways of presenting the projects.
Kurt Joakim AndreassonStenudd is Chalmers EU-funding advisor, and Joakim's advice is rather straight forward:
- Don't do ANYTHING before you have talked to Kurt!
They both agreed on that you not only had to convince the ERC that it is a great project, but also that you are the one to execute it.
- I really emphasized the fact that my scientific track record combined with the research environment where I am currently active made me uniquely fit to pull my project through, said Joakim.
- In my application I proposed to combine two areas I had previously worked in, and there are not many persons in the world that can claim to have experience from both areas, said Robert.
 As always, the discussions continued over lunch. Afterwards, many expressed that it was very valuable to hear Robert and Joakim give their view on the application process.
- This will save me a lot of time and has given me very good ideas about how to structure applications. And not only for this specific call, said Adil Mardinoglu, a postdoc at the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

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