Abstracts for Engineering Health

​Abstracts for the poster session at the initiative seminar Engineering Health can be downloaded here:

Air bubble release and flow-induced forces in stent grafts
Håkan Roos, Håkan Nilsson, Mårten Falkenberg, Valery Chernoray

Breathing and heart rate – Does synchronization improve performance?
Erik Thunström, Magnus Karlsteen, Sverker Jern, Mats Börjesson, Gunnar Westman

Definition of Tubular Anatomic Structures from Arbitrary Stereo Lithographic Surface
Johan Bondesson, Ga-Young Suh, Torbjörn Lundh, Jason T. Lee, Michael D. Dake, and Christopher P. Cheng

Detecting muscle ruptures with a microwave system
Andreas Fhager

Innovative measurements for improved diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases – EMPIR NeuroMet 15HLT04
M. Quaglia, S. Cano, J. Melin, L. R. Pendrill

Neuromuscular control of robotic leg protheses
Alexander Thesleff, Rickard Brånemark, Bo Håkansson, Max Ortiz-Catalan

Phantom motor execution as a treatment for phantom limb pain: An international, double blind, randomised, controlled clinical trial
Eva Lendaro, Liselotte Hermanson, Helena Burger, Corry van der Sluis, Brian McGuire, Monika Pilch, Lina Bunketorp, Katarzyna Kulbacka-Ortiz, Anita Stockselius, Christina Ragno, Wendy Hill, Geers Sybille, Max Ortiz-Catalan

Phantom Motor Execution facilitated by Machine Learning and Augmented Reality alleviates Phantom Limb Pain
M. Ortiz-Catalan, R. Guðmundsdóttir, M Kristoffersen, A. Zepeda-Echavarria, K. Caine-Winterberger, K. Kulbacka-Ortiz, C. Widehammar, K. Eriksson, A. Stockselius, C. Ragnö, Z. Pihlar, H. Burger, L. Hermansson

Rehabilitating Patients with Bone Conduction Hearing Devices: Two Effective Alternatives
Cristina Rigato, Sabine Reinfeldt, Bo Håkansson, Karl-Johan Fredén Jansson, Myrthe KS Holb, Måns Eeg-Olofsson

Revealing Information from Crystal Structures to Drive and Support Drug Development
Anna Pettersen, Catherine Boissier

Safer Drugs With Award Winning Database
Kaveh Teimori, Hannah Colldén and Reza Asadian

Surface-based sensing to probe herpes-glycosaminoglycan interactions with single particle sensitivity
Nadia Peerboom, Eneas Schmidt, Stephan Block, Noomi Altgärde, Edward Trybala, Hudson Pace, Tomas Bergström, Marta Bally

Test Method to Simulate a Hip Impact Resulting from a Fall from Standing Height
Anna Carlsson, Manuel Mendoza-Vazquez, Fredrik Lundh

The Properties and Cellular Uptake Characteristics of Lipid-based Mucosal Vaccines
Karin Norling, Valentina Bernasconi, Víctor Agmo Hernández, Mokthar Mapar, Nagma Parveen, Katarina Edwards, Nils Y. Lycke, Marta Bally, Fredrik Höök

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