Life Science Engineering Monday seminar 21st of May 2018

Integrated approaches to drug discovery from tropical marine cyanobacteria​
​​​​Speaker:  William H. Gerwick
Affiliation:  Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, University of California San Diego

“Marine cyanobacteria have been one of the richest marine sources of novel and highly bioactive natural products. For the most part, they derive from the assembly of amino acids via the non-ribosomal peptide synthetase pathway, acetate units from the polyketide synthase pathway, and the inter-digitation of these two pathways to form ‘hybrid’ natural products. Our recent genome sequencing projects of marine cyanobacteria have revealed that some strains allocate over 20% of their genome to natural products biosynthesis, and have the capacity to produce up to 45 different classes of secondary metabolites. Mass spectrometry-based molecular networking along with AI-trained NMR databases are providing powerful methods by which to rapidly identify natural products in our collection and connect these to their biosynthetic gene clusters. While the metabolites of marine cyanobacteria possess diverse biological properties, many are toxic to cells and therefore have potential applications in cancer and parasitic diseases. In this regard, we discovered two classes of lipopeptides from Caribbean marine cyanobacteria that have exquisite potency to cancer cells and various classes of parasites. For each of these, we crafted total syntheses that are allowing access to insightful analogs, some of which have improved potency and selectivity. Hence, a diversity of tools are being used to discover and explore the biotechnological and pharmaceutical value of these marine metabolites.”​

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The Life Science Monday Seminars will display the wide range of
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It is our goal to increase the interaction between education, research, and
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Category Seminar
Location: KA, lecture hall, Kemi, Campus Johanneberg
Starts: 21 May, 2018, 12:00
Ends: 21 May, 2018, 13:00

Published: Fri 04 May 2018. Modified: Wed 09 May 2018