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ICT Innovation

Many of today's key issues involve perspectives of ICT such as the ability to deal with climate change, faster and cheaper communication between people, enhanced security and privacy, community services in the public sector, to name a few.

The Area of Advance ICT at Chalmers encompasses some of the strongest international groups who collaborate in long-term research with industrial partners.  Successful innovation in the area at Chalmers is shown by a proven track record in spinning off businesses from our research, currently employing more than 700 people at different companies.

The ICT Area of Advance contributes to sustainable development, not only on a national level but globally. Here you can read some examples of how our research is rel​evant to UN’s goals for sustainable development.

The innovation arena at Chalmers is represented by a manifold of organisations such as incubators, institutes, venture capital, and entrepreneurial schools, most of them supporting spin-off companies.

Chalmers Ventures

It is not enough to simply train competent engineers and achieve good research results. We must also stimulate entrepreneurs and develop ideas in order for society and enterprise to grow. Read about Chalmers Ventures.

Chalmers Industrial Technology

Chalmers Industrial Technology (Chalmers Industriteknik)  promotes more efficient use of research in commercial development initiatives. They are a self-financing entity that has been working for 30 years to make Chalmers’ full range of skills and other research resources available as a basis for commercial ventures on behalf of Swedish and foreign clients.

Science Parks

The science parks combine companies’ knowhow and innovative drive with academic expertise. In the creative environment of the science park your company is always close to expert knowledge – a rapid way of becoming more competitive. There are three science parks connected to Chalmers – Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Center for Intellectual Property Studies

The Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) is an interdisciplinary development center focused on knowledge-based business founded in 2000 through a collaboration of academia and industry and is currently jointly governed by Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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