Strategic operations

The ICT Area of Advance helps to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration between various departments at Chalmers but also external collaboration with academia and industry. The goal of our work is to promote Chalmers’ contribution to new knowledge and innovation that address society’s major challenges.

The Area of Advance organises joint seminar series and workshops, offer seed funding to promote new research collaborations, coordinate cooperation and larger applications, among other activities.

The ICT research area at Chalmers encompasses some of the strongest international groups who collaborate in long-term research with industrial partners. Successful innovation in the area at Chalmers is shown by a proven track record in spinning off businesses from our research.

The ICT Area of Advance contributes to a sustainable development, not only on a national level but globally. Here you can read some examples of how our research is relevant for UN’s goals for sustainable development. ​

Page manager Published: Mon 06 Dec 2021.