Digital sustainability

ICT is a key ingredient in a sustainable future, and at the same time a critical infrastructure that must be protected and preserved if its growth and pervasiveness is to be able to meet our future needs. 

Digital sustainability encompasses the application of ICT research to sustainable development, such as energy savings through autonomous smart management of energy consumption, creation of more efficient transport systems, at the same time as the protection of the computational infrastructures upon which we are increasingly dependent for all aspects of modern life. 

Chalmers researchers are answering key questions such as:

  • How do we design more energy efficient computer systems, from gates up to software and networks?
  • How do we better understand when ICT hinders sustainable living, and design ICT to help people transition to more sustainable lifestyles?
  • How do we protect critical digital infrastructures such as the internet, our smart devices from increasingly motivated cyber attacks?
  • How do we enjoy the insights that can be obtained from vast amounts of collected data, such as personalized services and healthcare, at the same time as protecting the privacy of individuals?

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Nov 2021.