Big Data

The rapid evolution of computing resources, fast networks, and availability of enormous data resources is quickly changing how research is performed in many areas. To fully benefit, researchers need to develop or adapt to new research methodologies, not only based on advanced algorithms and high-dimensional statistics, but also the computational challenges that come with the need to collect, store and visualize larger amounts of data. In popular terms this is often referred to as the “Big Data” challenge. The potential of ICT enhanced research is huge but it is not coming without challenges.

The aim of BigData@Chalmers is to facilitate access to and use of ICT and e-research expertise related to data science within the Chalmers research environment through joint activities and a collaborative pool of data science and application experts.

Profile leaders Area of Advance ICT - Big Data
Devdatt Dubhashi, Professor, Computing Science
Graham Kemp, Professor, Computing Science


Page manager Published: Thu 07 May 2020.