wasp-hs graduate school digital event with 35 participants
​The meeting was a two-day virtual event with the purpose to introduce the topics and visions of WASP-HS and to get to know each other.

Graduate school in AI within humanities and social sciences

Four doctoral students from Chalmers participated in the first meeting of the WASP-HS graduate school when 35 doctoral students from several Swedish universities gathered to discuss and dive deeper in artificial intelligence within humanities and social sciences.
WASP-HS research tackles the challenges and impact of upcoming technology shifts as well as contributing to the development of theory and practice of human and societal aspects of AI and autonomous systems, and in particular, focus on potential ethical, economic, labor market, social, cultural and legal aspects of technological transition.

Each of the doctoral students hold a position at a Swedish university as a member of one of the 16 research projects that are run in the WASP-HS program. The doctoral students from Chalmers that participated was Alicja Ostrowska, from department of Technology Management and Economics, and Mafalda Gamboa, Denitsa Saynova and Ziming Wang from the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS) is a ten-year research programme funded by the Wallenberg Foundations.

Page manager Published: Mon 05 Oct 2020.