ICSE opening

The International Software Conference on video

​The 40th International Conference on Software Engineering took place in Gothenburg 27 May-3 June. Some of the content is available on video. Please see below.

Plenary sessions

Margaret Hamilton
Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Andreas Zeller
Andrew J. Ko
Brian Randell

50 years of Software Engineering

Ivar Jacobson
Panelists: Gerhard Goos, Bob McClure, Doug McIlroy, Manfred Paul
Chairs: David S. Rosenblum and Nenad Medvidovic

Industry forum

Magnus Frodigh, Ericsson Research
Jan Bosch, Chalmers University of Technology
Noel Lovisa, Code Valley, Australia
Panelists: Lionel Briand - University of Luxembourg LU, Markus Borg – RISE SICS SE, Mark Harman – Facebook and University College London, UK, Liliana Pasquale – LERO and University of Dublin, IE, Caitlin Sadowski – Google US, Tom Zimmermann – Microsoft Research US
Chair: Pekka Abrahamsson


And visit the conference website: www.icse2018.org

Published: Thu 07 Jun 2018.