Erik Ström is the new Director of Area of Advance ICT

​In January, Erik Ström will take over as Director of the Area of Advance Information and Communication Technology, ICT, when Ivica Crnkovic’ appointment ends.
The Area of Advance ICT has made strong contributions to Chalmers' progress within artificial intelligence and autonomous systems in recent years, including Chalmers' participation in the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program, WASP, and not least through the establishment of the Chalmers Foundation investment CHAIR, Chalmers AI Research Centre.

Erik Ström points out ICT as the very engine of smart systems. This was something he expressed in his William Chalmers lecture this autumn. A clip from the lecture can be found in the video above.
“ICT offers an important key to sustainable development in many areas, such as energy, transport, health, production and more. I’m eager to contribute in developing that work at Chalmers”, he says.

Erik Ström is a professor of Communication Systems and Centre Director for ChaseOn, one of Chalmers' very successful competence centres that has run for almost 15 years. His research includes, among other things, vehicle communications for traffic safety applications, and he has previously been involved in the management of SAFER and the Area of Advance Transport.
“Through the Area of Advance, I have built a valuable network. I’ve learned new things but also gained contacts to start new projects – both at Chalmers and with actors in industry.”

He starts his new assignment as Director in January, and initially he will focus on getting acquainted with the task and learn the procedures.
“The current AoA management has done a really good job, including major initiatives such as CHAIR and WASP. In 2021, I will get to work together with Co-Director Giuseppe Durisi, which is valuable for continuity and knowledge transfer.”

Erik Ström is also looking forward to collaborating with the other Areas of Advance.
“ICT is an area with connections to several Areas of Advance and there are endless possibilities, it is very exciting”, he says.

Contact: Erik Ström, Professor in Communication Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering.   

The full William Chalmers lecture can be found here:

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Apr 2022.