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Can automated fact checkers clean up the mess?

The dream of free dissemination of knowledge seems to be stranded in a swamp of tangled truth. Fake news proliferates. Digital echo chambers confirm biases. Even basic facts seem hard to be agreed upon. Is there hope in the battle to clean up this mess? 

​Yes! Within the research area of information and communications technology (ICT) a lot of effort is made to find software solutions. As part of the Act Sustainable week, starting 15th of November, the ICT Area of Advance invites you to a morning session with focus on automated fact-checking.​ 

AGENDA 18 November

09:45 Introduction 
Erik Ström, Director, Information and Communications Technology Area of Advance
10:00 Looking for the truth in the post-truth era
Ivan Koychev, University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He will give a brief overview of how to automatically find the claims and facts in the text and how further to look for their confirmation or refutation.
10:30 Computational Fact Checking for Textual Claims
Paolo Papotti, Associate Professor, EURECOM, France. He will cover the opportunities and limitations of computational fact checking and its role in fighting misinformation. He will also give examples from the "infodemic" associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
11:00 Pause
11:10 Panel discussion
Moderator Graham Kemp, professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers together with an invited panel.​ More info to come!
12:00 The end​

Welcome to learn more about how to sort out some of the tangle!​

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