Big Data seminar with Volvo Cars

Welcome to this Area of Advance ICT and BigData@Chalmers seminar with Jan Wassén, Business Analytics Director at Volvo Cars. Thursday 8 October 2015, at 15.00-16.00.
We encourage you all to stay for coffee and further discussion after the seminar. Welcome!

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Date: Thursday 8 October, 2015 at 15.00-16.00. Coffee served after the seminar.

Location: Ledningsrummet, 2nd floor, Chalmers Student Union building (Kårhuset), Chalmersplatsen 1.

Jan Wassén, Volvo CarsAbstract:
Volvo Cars has successfully integrated data from many different business functions in the Volvo Data Warehouse. To accelerate our investment pay-off, we started up a cross-functional business analytics group, applying data science and supporting advances in analytics to big data integrated with our traditional data sources.

The core analytics group is embedded in the business, works across functions and closely with the IT function in Volvo Cars to enable coordinated delivery and impact.

Volvo Cars will present the approach and working model with the business and relevant analytical use cases, together with the organizational and cultural challenges we are facing in starting up and growing this initiative. Also described are skills we look for in our data scientists, and the analytical governance that will support the process. Today, this group targets realizing values in areas ranging from connecting with consumers to understanding and realizing the values of the connected car.

Brief Bio:
Jan Wassén is Business Analytics Director at Volvo Cars - responsible for the corporate wide roll out of Advanced Analytics. Jan has spent over 30 years with purchasing, material quality and engineering at both Volvo, Renault and Ford.

Published: Tue 29 Sep 2015.