Ulrich Sendler

Ulrich Sendler, writer & publicist

Title: Automated Society – an oxymoron waiting for its solution

The human society cannot be automated. That's a contradiction in terms. But digitalization will have influence on the way that humans interact socially and change the conditions of everyday life, so the society will also change: communication, transportation, power generation and resource consumption are in the middle of the biggest change since electrification. The society has to find the answers in education, social security, politics in general. And there is no time left.
Digital transformation of the industry means: smart connected products with integrated new kinds of services, autonomous devices from machines over transport vehicles through to cars and trains – in the end will lead to a huge number of today's activities, that can be done without human decision or that ask for a different sort of decision making. Therefore we will need different qualification in almost all sectors of the society. And new solutions to secure the people, who are not able to keep pace.

Brief bio:
Ulrich Sendler, born 1951, tool maker, NC-programmer, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) precision engineering, is since 1989 working as an independent journalist, book author and technology analyst in the field of virtual product development. He published more than a dozen books and an uncounted number of articles in technical media of any kind. The latest book: „Industrie 4.0 grenzenlos“, 2016, Springer Heidelberg-Berlin, will be translated into Chinese and English. He is founder and organizer of sendler\circle, an interest group of IT- and service-providors for engineering and product lifecycle management.
Ulrich Sendler was invited as keynote speaker on Industrie 4.0 to China mainland and Taiwan several times. In China his first book on Industrie 4.0 is a bestseller.

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