Patricia Lago

Professor Patricia Lago, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Title: Sustainable Software for a Digital Society

Software is being developed since decades without taking sustainability into consideration. This holds for its energy efficiency, that is the amount of energy software consumes while ensuring other system qualities like security, performance, reliability, etc. etc. Software un-sustainability, however, is becoming increasingly evident with the growing digitalization of our society, and its dependence on software. Finally IT specialists are becoming aware that software solutions can, and should, be designed with sustainability concerns in mind. In doing so, they can create solutions that are technically more stable (hence requiring less modifications over time), target societal goals with a higher certainty, or help sustaining the business goals of both developing and consuming organizations. Everything sounds great. The real question is: how? How can we redirect software engineering practices toward sustainable software solutions? And how can we turn sustainability into a business so that companies will finally invest in it? This talk explores results and challenges in engineering software for a more sustainable digital society.

Brief bio:
Patricia Lago is full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, leading the group on social and sustainable software and services. Her research interests are in software- and service oriented architecture, architectural knowledge management, and green IT. Lago has a PhD in Control and Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. She is chair of the IEEE/IFIP WICSA Steering Committee, member of the IFIP 2.10 Working group on Software Architecture and the Dutch Knowledge Network on Green Software; vice-chair of the Dutch Software Engineering Association, and Board member of the ICT research Platform Netherlands (IPN). She is Area Editor of the Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software and the Wiley Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Jan 2017.