Manfred Broy

Prof Manfred Broy

Professor Manfred Broy, Technische Universität München, and  Zentrum Digitalisierung, Bayern

Title: Digital transformation a game changer for informatics as a scientific discipline

Informatics as a discipline developed in a number of steps. In the beginning informatics was a very specific narrow subject, only of interest for a very limited set of people. Later it became a more widely used discipline making processes more efficient. Then step by step with the broadening of the applications in embedded systems, the step into telecommunication with software based switches, with the interne, and finally with new devices like the smartphone and the tablet computers informatics became a discipline which is present everywhere. People tend to speak of digitization. This enormous change in the role and importance of informatics has severe impact on the discipline and enforces changes in the way research in informatic is organized, how informatic is taught, and how informatic students are prepared for practice.

Brief bio:
Manfred Broy’s research is in software and systems engineering both in theoretical and practical aspects. This includes system models, specification and refinement of system components, specification techniques, development methods and verification. He is leading a research group working in a number of industrial projects that apply mathematically based techniques and to combine practical approaches to software engineering with mathematical rigor. There the main topics are requirements engineering, ad hoc networks, software architectures, componentware, software development processes, software evolution, and software quality. In his group the CASE tool AutoFocus was developed.

One of the main themes of Manfred Broy is the role of software in a networked world. As a member of acatech under his leadership the study Agenda Cyber-Physical Systems was created for the Federal Ministry of Research to comprehensively investigate the next stage of global networking through the combination of cyberspace and embedded systems in all their implications and potential.
Since January 2016 Professor Broy is founding president of the Bavarin Centre for Digitization.

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