Darja Isaksson

Darja Isaksson, Digital advisor and entrepreneur
(Photo: Joel Nilsson)

Title: The digital welfare state - different how?

Consumers increasingly expect increased availability and individualization, based on their experiences varying from finance and insurance to retail and transportation. Similar to other industries, technologies and innovation holds promise to radically improve health, education and create more sustainable societies. But at the same time innovative solutions are sometimes difficult to scale due to incentive structures set by how the welfare state is organized, and rapid development challenges many structures currently in place. How does digitalisation create opportunities and challenges for the welfare state, and what are key solutions to secure a benign development of innovation for all, in a society aiming for equal access? Darja shares her thoughts on opportunities and threats, and highlight examples she believes are important lessons to build upon for digital democracies with a focus on welfare for all.

Brief bio:
Darja Isaksson is a member of the Swedish Government Innovation Council, where she focuses on matters related to how to use digitalisation for increased sustainability. She’s founded three successful agencies and has been rewarded Sweden’s most influential opinion maker for her efforts to increase awareness of the opportunities and challenges to society through digitalisation.

Page manager Published: Wed 22 Feb 2017.